Chatbots Case Study

Central 24-HR Clinic Group

We identified 3 areas in which the implementation of chatbots can add value to Central 24-HR Clinic Group.

i. High Volume of enquiries on clinic opening hours

Opening hours of clinics are frequently enquired through phone calls, which can be handled by our Chatbot.

Check opening hours of clinic (Facebook Messenger)

ii. High volume of enquires on clinic waiting times

Our chatbot also handles similar enquiries, hence saving time on phone calls.

Check waiting time of clinic

iii. Getting nearest clinic locations

Our client's clinics are strategically located to best serve their users' needs, hence our chatbot can locate 3 nearest clinics based on the user's location.

Check nearest clinic locations

In short, the value and benefits Chatbots bring, especially in today's business climate, will give you a marketing edge over your competitors. Contact us now to bring your business to the next level!