Frequently Asked Questions
What is the profile of your company? What do you specialize in?
Alphis Studios has 20 years of website application development experience in our team and 9 years of experience serving medical groups with their IT needs. We are equipped with all-rounded perspectives from different personas in various workflows. Through this, we can share our experiences regarding the best practices to help make your project a success.

We also pride ourselves on up-to-date, secure and scalable technologies. We build your software using proven methodologies and frameworks. This ensures your technology is built for you to scale.
What are the costs involved with your services?
It depends on the scope of work involved. We have served clients with projects between the range of $5000 to $250000. If you have a budget, please let us know and we can discuss on how best to meet your objectives.
How long do you usually take to finish a project?
There is no fixed time frame to said question because of the myriad of factors involved which could change over time. However, we are able to draft an approximate timeline based on a preliminary discussion with you, which is broken into multiple phases.
What are your processes/steps taken in a project?
We break the project down into 5 phases - Requirements Gathering, Analysis, Design, Implementation and Testing, Training and Handover.

We consult you frequently at each phase, which falls in line with the agile process we employ.
How do I know what I'm requesting for isn't out of your job scope?
Do call us at 83331620 or drop us an email at contact@alphis.net and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Are you accepting new projects?
Yes, we constantly evaluate new projects to see how our team can best help you achieve the results you want. Feel free to call us at 83331620 or drop us an email at contact@alphis.net.
Is it possible to make tweaks and/or adjustments as the project goes along?
Yes, we believe this is the key requirement to a successful project, and is also in line with our agile process. We try our best to accommodate the client’s requests. If the change request is too big, there may be scheduling and budgeting revisions.