Agile Methodology
Agile Methodology

1. Requirements Solicitation & Planning

We understand more about your requirements and work with you to see what are the objectives of the systems and the current pain points of the existing circumstances.

Based on the information and your budget, we will discuss and determine what are the best solutions, business and technical-wise. We will be able to provide a rough business quote based on a preliminary finding.

Occasionally, we also advise clients that there are existing complimentary solutions online to solve their issues. Sometimes, not every problem needs an IT project to solve, and we do our best to advise you honestly. We aim to build you something useful, rather than to sell you something you do not need. We also deal with different vendors, and we treat our clients the same way we want to be treated by others.

2. Agile Iteration

Here, we work to deliver your projects in two weekly phases.

There are two key benefits to be derived working through the agile methodology. Firstly, you get rapid and incremental deliveries of your project in phases. This allows you to reduce the overall risks of projects.

Secondly, by getting constant updates, we ensure that the project is best delivered according to what your organization truly needs. One of the most common issues we experience and hear from project owners are that “projects do not solve the originally intended problems, or cause more issues to the organization after deployment”. We are acutely wary of this issue, and will work closely with you to ensure your product is polished and effective.

a. Architect: We design your system into modular and reusable components

b. Code: We get into action and begin building your system in software codes.

c. Testing: We run a thorough and robust testing process, and we also allow you to test your software. This gives you a first-hand experience of what your software looks like.

d. Feedback: We receive your feedback on what you thought was good, and or can be improved. We will evaluate this feedback objectively and seriously, and use this feedback in the following phases.

At the start of the next agile iteration, we work on the next scheduled tasks to do. We may also use the feedback from the previous stage to make any necessary enhancements.

3. Product Launch

We will support you through the launch phase by deploying you securely within a modern hosting environment. We understand there may be teething issues at the start or more queries as your organization gets accustomed to the system and we will deploy manpower to assist with your queries.

In the long run, regardless of whether you are a startup or have your own technical team, we are able to work with you based on your needs. IT projects usually derive the most value if they have business continuity (e.g. services are delivered continuously without interruption). To this end, we are committed to ensuring your project is supported throughout its entire lifecycle.